My First Blog Post

Theology is living.

Let us cast to the winds as idle talk the common notion that it is possible to be “extreme” and go “too far” in religion. This is a favourite one of the devil, and one which he circulates with vast industry. Jc Ryle
I remember when i was newly born -again. I remember it like it was yesterday. It has been over 18 years. I’m ashamed at the lack of growth, at the low level of sanctification i have cooperated with my Lord to experience. I could list a myriad of reasons for my failure to grow in Christlikeness but I am persuaded that whatever reason I would give would stem from a deep root of faulty theology. What’s more, this faulty theology was picked from the hands of well-meaning others and not from my initial readings of the word of God.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

3 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. I believe levels of our growth in Christ Jesus and our maturity in He who is most holy is in the perfect timing of Almighty God for His perfect plan for our lives.
    We are where we are because God has placed us here in this time, on this day, in this blog to share the growth that He will and has done in us. Growth that is according to God’s will and the willingness that we have to receive and be obedient to that which He gives us.
    One only needs to keep seeking Him and His glory and He promises we will find Him. And he will bring us into the sanctification that we and that God desires for us. amen


    1. Yes it is in His perfect timing, but we are responsible for using the means He has provided for our growth. His sovereignty does not negate personal responsibility. It’s the tension between his sovereignty and free will. We are also responsible for studying his word in applying it faithfully as well as accurately.

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  2. Ms. Lori, I didn’t know how else to contact you besides leaving a comment. I’m David Friend, from Grace and Truth ( I just wanted to say thank you for viewing my site, and I hope it helped you in some way. I am happy to answer questions and take requests from people, should you have any. My email is


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